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  • An Introduction to the Chinese Market: The Dangers and the Prizes
    Professor Mike Adams and Dr. Zou Hong

  • Economic Capital Management in the Financial Services Sector
    Professor Mike Adams

  • An Introduction to Marine Cargo Insurance
    Neville Cough

To obtain any of these books please telephone IMC on +44 (0) 20 7481 9070 or email


At our conferences our aim is to explore issues of topical importance. We produce intensive schedules using a variety of presentational methods in order to create a dynamic learning atmosphere to draw attention to the points being made and to involve delegates. Presenters at conferences include leading business practitioners and academics. The aim is to explore the latest techniques and issues by bringing together practitioners from across the market.

We like to run real Conferences - where participants confer. Conferences may include a number of Master Classes where delegates have the opportunity to contribute to discussions on current topics and to provide solutions. These are led by experts in their particular field, where the aim is for members of the Classes to prepare reports on their chosen topic and report back to the Conference. There are other opportunities - time is set-aside after each presentation to discuss the points raised, and there is normally a Symposium where participants can raise issues for discussion by the Conference.

Continuing Professional Development

Where appropriate conferences and courses may qualify for Continuing Professional Development requirements as required by the Law Society CPD Scheme, the CII CPD Scheme, and Institute of Legal Executives CPD Scheme

Syndicate Partners

IMC runs a special programme for Insurance organisations that would like to benefit from cost savings by joining us as a Syndicate partner. A contract of up to 3 years is entered into based on an annual membership fee calculated at a discounted rate for a certain number of training days per year. Members are invited to develop syndicate programmes with other members to gain the benefit of cost effective tailored programmes to meet technical, business development and personal development needs sourced and facilitated by IMC.

Three days training needs analysis consultancy per year is included in the package. All assessments, assignments and programme content design for IMC programmes are provided free of charge; if other programmes are developed using strategic partners any consultancy charges would be passed on at cost to members.

Technical Training Courses

Technical courses are presented by professional trainers with a background in industry. These are run on an interactive basis and delegates are encouraged to participate. The aim is to provide the opportunity for practitioners to learn the fundamental technical aspects of various classes of business.

General Liability Faculty

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